Semi Auto

Semi Auto

Our Semi Auto Series E.O. Sterilizers are our economical semi-automatic, table top range of sterilizers. They work in vacuum mode and use single use 100% E.O. cartridges for the sterilization of heat sensitive goods. The sterilization chamber is made from corrosion and gas resistant stainless steel. The inner surface of the chamber is smoothly finished to minimize any gas deposits and ensure a pleasing look. The chamber is electrically heated with our special ROTAHEAT arrangement and is insulated against heat emission.

The sterilizer door is hinged type opening on the side and has a double latching arrangement with a quick release locking spring activated mechanism. A safety interlock is provided to ensure that the sterilization process does not start till the door is closed and latched.

To ensure smooth, silent and trouble free operation, the sterilizer is provided with an air motor vacuum pump which is used for vacuuming as well as degassing the sterilizer. As there are no moving or rotating parts in this pump, the maintenance is extremely low and it also ensures an almost silent and noiseless operation.

Our Semi Auto Series E.O. Sterilizers are provided with a microprocessor based temperature controller which controls the sterilization temperature. The settings for the cycle temperature can be done by the operator as per requirement depending on the heat sensitivity of the products to be sterilized. The temperature for Warm cycle is normally set at 55 degrees centigrade and for the Cold cycle at 37 degrees centigrade. The Aeration and degassing as well as, all other functions are button operated and the provision of a Microprocessor based Aeration timer allows the operator to set the aeration time. The aeration shuts off automatically after the aeration time is completed. This machine has been an easy to use and fit and forget accessories for many CSSDs all over India.


  • • In chamber Gas Vaporizer.
  • • Operator accessible Cycle Temperature and Aeration Time
  • • Individual Microprocessor based Temperature and Aeration Time controls with digital display
  • • Very Sturdy and Time tested design and electronics
  • • Safer operation - Cycle operates in vacuum; hence minimal chances of leakage
  • • No rotating parts – minimal maintenance